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Founder/CEOArzavial Maxwell  

Arzavial Maxwell is a Nashville Native, he grew up in Nashville’s inner city.  He understands first hand the struggle and pain of a community under pressure. He knows exactly what challenges today's youth face, as he's  faced many of the same challenges as young person. With guidance from his Grandmother , he was able to get on the right path. He made a promise to her that he would get on the right track & give back and that's when still standing was born. Mentoring the youth, helping the homeless, and restoring families are his goals with the Still Standing Foundation.

Arzavial is the author of the book “Still Standing, a Man Saved by Gifts” and is currently working on a second book.  He's a single father, and has made great strides and believes that everyone deserves a second chance. Through mentorship, Arzavial has committed his time to helping young people released from prison by providing employment opportunities, expungements assistance, child support services, and counseling; which allow these young people to become productive members of society.  He shares ways to cope with obstacles, helping one young person at a time. 

Although Arzavial has faced many obstacles, and struggles; he was determined not to allow anything to break him. With undeniable strength, determination, and focus, he’s able to show how he is Still Standing. 

Book "Standing, a Man Saved by Gifts”  Can be found at these retailers (Click Links)

VICE President & Spirit​ual AdvisorLarry Powell

“The Senior Pastor of the Trap”

Larry Powell graduated from Emmanuel Bible College with a Master of Ministry degree. He's a former drug dealer who had a life-changing encounter with God while in prison nearly 11 years ago.

Today, he's a single father of two boys. He's also known as the "modern-day Moses", leading people out of the hustling lifestyle whether he's visiting prisons, mentoring, or using a message set to a Trap style beat.

Moreover, Larry is an advocate for nonviolent drug offenders serving lengthy sentences for possession charges.

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